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Wrongfully denied? Let us do a forensic review to get you the benefits you are entitled!


Thinking About an Appeal? Act Quickly.


If you are thinking about an appeal, act quickly. There are deadlines for an appeal you should not miss. You must file the appeal within one year of the initial decision. Our VA-accredited claims agents serve veterans nationwide and overseas — no matter where you live — you can get help with your veterans disability claim.


Appeals can help you change several different kinds of unsatisfactory results:
  • Appeal denials for service connection
  • Appeal for higher ratings
  • Appeal for an earlier effective date
  • Claims for clear and unmistakable error
  • Claims for unemployable individual 
  • Section 1151 claims for vets who have suffered additional disability because of VA hospital error
  • Combine Ratings
  • Entitlement to DIC
  • Helpless Child 
  • Aid and Attendance
  • Secondary Condition

Did You Receive an Unfavorable Decision From the VA?


Our VA-accredited claims agents at Suncoast Veterans Services® want disabled veterans to know that a negative decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs does not mean case closed. You have the right to appeal your disability rating. You were injured while fighting for us; now let our claims agents fight for you.


The Appeals Process

Our claims agents are experienced with the entire benefit application process, from initial application through final appeal. They do not back down, and will appeal your denial to the Board of Veterans' Appeals if necessary. Our claims agents make sure you meet the deadlines for any appeals and help gather additional evidence in support of your appeal. They will advise you about your options at each step and keep you informed about the status of your case. Having knowledgeable guidance throughout a long process can reduce the stress and anxiety of waiting. Our claims agents will be there for you.

Claim Folder Review

Do you feel like giving up on the VA claims process beacuse it's too time consuming and you feel like the VA is working against you and not for you?


Have you received any decisions from the VA that you feel were not decided RIGHT, but you have missed the appeal period?


If you answered yes to any of the questions, let us HELP by being the bridge between the TRUTH and the PROOF.


We analyze each aspect of your records for ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, ELIGIBILITY.


Upon receipt of your materials, a member of our team will conduct a thorough forensic review and you will be contacted and provided with our expert opinion and recommendations on the merits of your case.


We offer written opinion and recommendations on a variety of disputed claim problems including: clear and unmistakable errors, earlier effective dates, service connection, secondary condition, inadequate VA exams.


You have served us, now let us serve you!

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