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Claims Agents For the Appeals  Process

Was your veterans disability compensation award simply too small? Were you denied benefits that you deserve? If you are thinking of filing an appeal, talk to one of our VA-accredited claims agents. At Suncoast Veterans Services®, a VA-accredited claims agent can guide you through the appeals process to help you get the successful results you deserve.


If you were under-evaluated or if your benefits have been denied, you have options through the appeals process. Veterans have the right to appeal decisions made by the VA. In fact, appealing VA decisions is often just part of the process.

Examples of Appeals After Being Denied VA Disability Benefits

Appeals can help you change several different kinds of unsatisfactory results:


  • Appeal denials for service connection
  • Appeal for higher ratings
  • Appeal for an earlier effective date
  • Claims for clear and unmistakable error
  • Claims for individual unemployability
  • Section 1151 claims for vets who have suffered additional disability because of VA hospital error


Many veterans do not realize that they can appeal decisions for higher ratings. When they are awarded low service-connected rating percentages, they just accept them. But you don't have to. If your rating is too low and the compensation you are receiving is not enough, take action. Talk to our VA-accredited claims agents about an appeal.

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